1000 Litre Water Vessels designed and manufactured for the Water/ Filtration industry. Made from Stainless Steel 316/L the design conditions required Spot radiography. The vessel was supplied with support rings for insulation and cladding. The Vessels overall height, insulation rings and nozzle locations were critical dimensions.

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DWI Water Vessels

Filtration Vessels

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DWI Surge Vessel designed and manufactured to DWI regulations and certified with the UKCA Mark. made from Stainless Steel and finished with a pickle and passivated surface finish. the design considers Cyclic and surge loadings for use within the UK Water Industry.

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UK Water Industry Pressure Vessels Manufactured from Stainless Steel 316/L. We recently manufactured 8 off Stainless Steel 316/L Pressure vessels for the UK water industry, they were manufactured in accordance with DWI regulations, ASME VIII Div.1 Design code and UK directive PESR Sound Engineering Practice.

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28500 Litre Surge Vessel for UK Water Industry designed and manufactured to meet customer requirements in our DWI approved Tamworth workshop in addition the design covers cyclic loadings and wind loadings and to conclude the vessel was finished with a pickle and passivated surface finish.

Watch below to see a time lapse of the vessel production :

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A Stainless Steel 316/L 3860 Litre Pressure Vessel made to comply with DWI Regulations ( Drinking Water Inspectorate)

180 Litre Stainless Steel 316/L Back Pulse Vessel with DWI Regulations for UK water industry

5000 litre Buffer vessel as part of a Ballast Water Package for Pacific Sharav Drilling Rig Stainless Steel 316/L & Certified to DNV-OS-E101

2 off Drought Alleviation Vessels for UK Water Industry , 1 off horizontal 1500 Litre and 1 off 3000 Litre Vertical

985 Litre 316/L Stainless Steel Water Pressure Vessel. Supplied with supports for insulation.

1500 Litre Surge Vessel to EN13445 made from Carbon Steel Painted internally with DWI approved Paint system.