ASME U Reservoir Vessel 2 off made from Stainless Steel 316/L and finished with a 3 coat paint system to project specifications. The design considers a 1 mm corrosion allowance. The vessels were completed with NDT: 100% Radiography and 100% DPI designed to the ASME U code Stamp and PESR UKCA Mark.

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UKCA Marked Pressure Vessels. a set of 3 off Dual Volume tanks designed and certified in accordance with the PESR UKCA mark. the vessels had radiography and dye pen NDT and were finished with a glass bead blast finish.

CPE design and manufacture many types of pressure vessel for a wide range of offshore and onshore applications. We regularly work with international design codes and end user specifications, see Design & Technical for more information.

We have extensive experience of safety critical applications in demanding environments for industries that include oil & gas and nuclear. This means our welding and overall quality must meet the very highest standards. All of our vessels undergo regular in-house and Third-Party inspection throughout the manufacturing process, to ensure the final product has a level of quality that can be relied on.

CPE are certified to ISO 3834 and have a large catalogue of weld procedures, dual certified to both ASME IX and EN 15614. We also regularly work with clients to produce new weld procedures to comply with specific design criteria and international standards such as NORSOK.

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28500 Litre Surge Vessel for UK Water Industry designed and manufactured to meet customer requirements in our DWI approved Tamworth workshop in addition the design covers cyclic loadings and wind loadings and to conclude the vessel was finished with a pickle and passivated surface finish.

Watch below to see a time lapse of the vessel production :

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Hastelloy C22 Liquid Receiver Vessels, we recently completed this project requiring 2 Liquid Receiver Vessels made from High Nickel Alloy Hastelloy C22. Designed and manufactured to EN13445 and CE Marked (PED 2014/68/EU), the design required NDT: 100% radiography and 100% DPI and was finished with a pickle and passivated surface finish. The vessels were hydro tested and helium leak tested.

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Spherical Resonator Vessels for Absheron EPS Project in Azerbaijan. Designed and manufactured to ASME VIII Div.1 with the U Stamp and considering project specifications. The vessel is for a high pressure application and was made using custom hemispherical dished ends with 69mm minimum thickness. The design considered Wind, Seismic, Cyclic, Nozzle and transport loadings. The vessel required post weld heat treatment and NDT: 100% Radiography, 100% MPI, 100% Ultrasonic testing and the Surface finish was external paint to project specifications.

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A recent project for the renewable energy industry, 1 off Stainless Steel 316/L Hydrogen Storage Pressure Vessel designed and manufactured in-house bespoke to the customer and project requirements. the design considers wind and snow loadings, and requires NDT: 10% Radiography and 100% DPI, the design and manufacture were witnessed and approved by a third-party inspection agency. The vessel was given a pickle and passivated surface finish giving a nice bright finish. 

Coolant Break Tank Hydrogen Project. A 2000 Litre Coolant Break Tank to be used in the Renewable/ Clean Energy Industry. Designed and manufactured in house to EN13445 and site-specific project specifications, considering Nozzle, Seismic and Wind Loading. Radiography and DPI were carried out and completed with a Pickle and passivated surface finish.

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5 off Pressure vessels used in the production of clean low-carbon renewable natural gas.

2 off 6 litre Stainless Steel Resonator Discharge Vessels designed to ASME VIII, NORSOK M-630 & TR2000 with a 238 bar design pressure.

Stainless Steel 316/L Fire Protection Vessels designed and manufactured to PD5500 Cat. 1 externally painted