3 off Stainless Steel Heater Housing. With a diameter of 14″ NB designed to PD5500 Category 2. designed and manufactured bespoke to order, they are suitable for 30 bar design pressure at 20°C to +180°C as a result, they have 300# RFWN Flanged connections. To comply with PD5500 category 2 they had NDT performed on them, 10% Radiography and 100% DPI. Finished with a pickle and passivation giving a clean bright finish.

Pressure Vessels can be designed and manufactured from a wide range of materials to any international standard including PD5500, EN 13445 and ASME VIII and where necessary to the PED and ATEX Directives and built to a maximum:-

8 off 6″ and 8″ NB PD5500 Cat.1 Heater housing for National Grid PV3. Stainless Steel 316/L bespoke design and manufacturing.