9 Litre Air Receiver – Stainless Steel 316/L, designed and manufactured custom to meet our customer’s requirements with a large number of screwed connections in a small area. The vessels are for a UK based project so have been certified with the UKCA Mark. the design required NDT: of spot radiography and was finished with a glass bead median blast surface finish.

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CU TR & ASME U Stamp Air Receivers – Stainless Steel 316/L. A recent project for the Russian Arctic LNG for 20 off 300 litre Air Receivers designed and manufactured to comply with ASME U Stamp and CU TR 032 requirements along with project specifications. The vessels had full NDT 100% Radiography, 100% DPI, 100% PMI, and Ultrasonic Testing. They were completed with an internal and external Pickle and Passivated surface finish. if you would like some more information or support on a similar project please get in touch: Contact us.

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WA Work Safe LTCS Air Receivers this is a recent project for 2 off Low-temperature Carbon Steel Air Receivers for use out in Australia for Pluto-KGP Interconnector project ran by Jacobs for Woodside. Designed and manufactured with ASME U Stamp and to comply with Australian WA Worksafe regulations and project specifications. For any similar enquiries please get in touch

3 off Carbon Steel Volume Tanks designed, manufactured and certified to ASME VIII Div.1 with the U Stamp. Externally painted to meet project paint specifications.

A recent project for 8 off Air Reservoirs certified in-house with the ASME UM stamp. Designed and manufactured bespoke to order with 14 bar design pressure and NDT 100% PMI (OES) and 10% DPI.

ASME UM Stamped vessels are certified in-house by our Certified Individual meaning we can offer ASME Certified vessels at a cheaper rate than vessels that have the full ASME U Stamp.

3 off Stainless Steel 316/L Volume Tanks, designed and certified to CU TR 032 and ASME U Stamp, for use on the Tengiz oil field in northwestern Kazakhstan.

4 off NR-13 Carbon Steel and ASME U Stamp certified Air Receivers

Carbon Steel – ASME U Stamp and National Board Registered 100 Litre Air Receiver.

Stainless Steel 316/L ASME VIII DIV.1 U Stamp Air Receiver 250 Litre.

Stainless Steel 316/L Air Receiver 6 Litre ASME U Stamp designed and manufactured by our expert team.