UK Water Industry Pressure Vessels Manufactured from Stainless Steel 316/L. We recently manufactured 8 off Stainless Steel 316/L Pressure vessels for the UK water industry, they were manufactured in accordance with DWI regulations, ASME VIII Div.1 Design code and UK directive PESR Sound Engineering Practice.

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9 Litre Air Receiver – Stainless Steel 316/L, designed and manufactured custom to meet our customer’s requirements with a large number of screwed connections in a small area. The vessels are for a UK based project so have been certified with the UKCA Mark. the design required NDT: of spot radiography and was finished with a glass bead median blast surface finish.

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28500 Litre Surge Vessel for UK Water Industry designed and manufactured to meet customer requirements in our DWI approved Tamworth workshop in addition the design covers cyclic loadings and wind loadings and to conclude the vessel was finished with a pickle and passivated surface finish.

Watch below to see a time lapse of the vessel production :

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CU TR & ASME U Stamp Air Receivers – Stainless Steel 316/L. A recent project for the Russian Arctic LNG for 20 off 300 litre Air Receivers designed and manufactured to comply with ASME U Stamp and CU TR 032 requirements along with project specifications. The vessels had full NDT 100% Radiography, 100% DPI, 100% PMI, and Ultrasonic Testing. They were completed with an internal and external Pickle and Passivated surface finish. if you would like some more information or support on a similar project please get in touch: Contact us.

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ASME U Stamp Filter Vessels made from Stainless steel 316/L for use in Mauritania & Senegal Region on the BP Tortue Phase 1 project. Designed, manufactured and certified in accordance with AMSE VIII Div.1 U Stamp and complying with project specifications. The vessels had full NDT requirements 100% Radiography, Ultrasonic testing, DPI and PMI along with test plates. Finished with Project specification paint.

A recent project for the renewable energy industry, 1 off Stainless Steel 316/L Hydrogen Storage Pressure Vessel designed and manufactured in-house bespoke to the customer and project requirements. the design considers wind and snow loadings, and requires NDT: 10% Radiography and 100% DPI, the design and manufacture were witnessed and approved by a third-party inspection agency. The vessel was given a pickle and passivated surface finish giving a nice bright finish. 

3 off Stainless Steel Heater Housing. With a diameter of 14″ NB designed to PD5500 Category 2. designed and manufactured bespoke to order, they are suitable for 30 bar design pressure at 20°C to +180°C as a result, they have 300# RFWN Flanged connections. To comply with PD5500 category 2 they had NDT performed on them, 10% Radiography and 100% DPI. Finished with a pickle and passivation giving a clean bright finish.

A recent project for 8 off Air Reservoirs certified in-house with the ASME UM stamp. Designed and manufactured bespoke to order with 14 bar design pressure and NDT 100% PMI (OES) and 10% DPI.

ASME UM Stamped vessels are certified in-house by our Certified Individual meaning we can offer ASME Certified vessels at a cheaper rate than vessels that have the full ASME U Stamp.

A Stainless Steel 316/L 3860 Litre Pressure Vessel made to comply with DWI Regulations ( Drinking Water Inspectorate)

A 2000 Litre Coolant Break Tank to be used in the Renewable/ Clean Energy Industry. Designed and manufactured in house to EN13445 and site-specific project specifications, considering Nozzle, Seismic and Wind Loading. Radiography and DPI were carried out and completed with a Pickle and passivated surface finish.