ASME U Stamp Filter Vessels made from Stainless steel 316/L for use in Mauritania & Senegal Region on the BP Tortue Phase 1 project. Designed, manufactured and certified in accordance with AMSE VIII Div.1 U Stamp and complying with project specifications. The vessels had full NDT requirements 100% Radiography, Ultrasonic testing, DPI and PMI along with test plates. Finished with Project specification paint.

A recent project for the renewable energy industry, 1 off Stainless Steel 316/L Hydrogen Storage Pressure Vessel designed and manufactured in-house bespoke to the customer and project requirements. the design considers wind and snow loadings, and requires NDT: 10% Radiography and 100% DPI, the design and manufacture were witnessed and approved by a third-party inspection agency. The vessel was given a pickle and passivated surface finish giving a nice bright finish. 

3 off Stainless Steel Heater Housing. With a diameter of 14″ NB designed to PD5500 Category 2. designed and manufactured bespoke to order, they are suitable for 30 bar design pressure at 20°C to +180°C as a result, they have 300# RFWN Flanged connections. To comply with PD5500 category 2 they had NDT performed on them, 10% Radiography and 100% DPI. Finished with a pickle and passivation giving a clean bright finish.

A recent project for 8 off Air Reservoirs certified in-house with the ASME UM stamp. Designed and manufactured bespoke to order with 14 bar design pressure and NDT 100% PMI (OES) and 10% DPI.

ASME UM Stamped vessels are certified in-house by our Certified Individual meaning we can offer ASME Certified vessels at a cheaper rate than vessels that have the full ASME U Stamp.

A Stainless Steel 316/L 3860 Litre Pressure Vessel made to comply with DWI Regulations ( Drinking Water Inspectorate)

A 2000 Litre Coolant Break Tank to be used in the Renewable/ Clean Energy Industry. Designed and manufactured in house to EN13445 and site-specific project specifications, considering Nozzle, Seismic and Wind Loading. Radiography and DPI were carried out and completed with a Pickle and passivated surface finish.

5 off Pressure vessels used in the production of clean low-carbon renewable natural gas.

180 Litre Stainless Steel 316/L Back Pulse Vessel with DWI Regulations for UK water industry

3 off Stainless Steel 316/L Volume Tanks, designed and certified to CU TR 032 and ASME U Stamp, for use on the Tengiz oil field in northwestern Kazakhstan.

Pressure Vessels can be designed and manufactured from a wide range of materials to any international standard including PD5500, EN 13445 and ASME VIII and where necessary to the PED and ATEX Directives and built to a maximum:-