EN13445 Heater Housing – LTCS. A project for the Norwegian North Sea. We designed and manufactured 2 heater housings to meet the customer’s requirements, EN13445 and DNV Shipping Rules. The design considers wind loadings and nozzle loadings and required NDT: MPI, Ultrasonic and Radiography and production test plates.

CPE manufacture many types of heater housings for a wide range of offshore and onshore applications. We have supplied for the UK and international markets ensuring the design and manufacture meets the project and location requirements.

CPE are certified to ISO3834 and have a large catalogue of weld procedures dual certified to both ASME IX and EN15614. Our experience in the Oil & Gas and Nuclear sectors means we can ensure a high quality, technically compliant product.

Projects regularly require certification with ASME U Stamp, National Board Registered, CRN, CU TR, EN13445, PED 2014/68/EU and many other international design codes and end-user specifications, see Design & Technical or get in touch for more information. Click here to find out more

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Spherical Resonator Vessels for Absheron EPS Project in Azerbaijan. Designed and manufactured to ASME VIII Div.1 with the U Stamp and considering project specifications. The vessel is for a high pressure application and was made using custom hemispherical dished ends with 69mm minimum thickness. The design considered Wind, Seismic, Cyclic, Nozzle and transport loadings. The vessel required post weld heat treatment and NDT: 100% Radiography, 100% MPI, 100% Ultrasonic testing and the Surface finish was external paint to project specifications.

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WA Work Safe LTCS Air Receivers this is a recent project for 2 off Low-temperature Carbon Steel Air Receivers for use out in Australia for Pluto-KGP Interconnector project ran by Jacobs for Woodside. Designed and manufactured with ASME U Stamp and to comply with Australian WA Worksafe regulations and project specifications. For any similar enquiries please get in touch

3 off Carbon Steel Volume Tanks designed, manufactured and certified to ASME VIII Div.1 with the U Stamp. Externally painted to meet project paint specifications.

2 off Carbon Steel Filter Vessels (absolute Coalescers) for the BW Galina FSRU which will be the first FSRU in El Salvador.

Designed and manufactured in house to meet the design requirements of NORSOK-601, ASME VIII Div.1 and DNV GL ship rules along with project and client specifications which considered blast, wind nozzle and transport loadings, the manufacturing was carried out in our Tamworth DNV GL approved workshop, the vessels were inspected with NDT requiring 10% Radiography, 100% MPI. Finally, the vessels were finished with external paint to meet project specifications.

4 off NR-13 Carbon Steel and ASME U Stamp certified Air Receivers

Carbon Steel – ASME U Stamp and National Board Registered 100 Litre Air Receiver.

1200 Litre Carbon Steel Hydraulic Testing Pressure Vessel PD5500 Cat.1

9 off galvanised carbon steel 455 litre air receivers, 12 bar design pressure.

Carbon Steel Air Receiver – 150 Litre, 350 Litre and 500 Litre designed and certified with ASME VIII Division 1 with U Stamp