CPE are delighted to announce that we are opening a new facility the Neander Works which will be a Clean Energy Workshop. Located in close proximity to our existing two workshops and head office. Neander Works will service our increasing demand for fabrications in the Clean Energy Sector. The requirement to increase our capacity came following securing major contracts for the Hydrogen Market.

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Neander Workshop, Clean Energy
Neander Workshop Clean Energy

DNV Approved Manufacturer, at CPE we are proud to have DNV approval for the manufacture and of welded Pressure Vessels Class I and II. This covers us for the manufacture of Pressure Equipment and the manufacture of welded products in our welding workshop.

“DNV approval of manufacturers (AoM) confirms that you have been found in compliance with international standards, regulations or our recognised DNV rules. This provides your company with proof of high quality and safety standards.”

See below for our DNV Certificate and for more information about what we can offer as a DNV Approved Manufacturer:

DNV Approval of Manufacturer Certificate

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DNV Workshop approval CPE pressure Vessels stainless steel workshop

Did you know CPE have ASME Accreditation?

At CPE we are proud to hold ASME accreditation, which enables us to design and manufacture Pressure Vessels in accordance with the ASME VIII Division 1 Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. We can stamp pressure vessels with the ASME Certification mark with the U designator as well as the UM designator (miniature vessels) which is sometimes referred to as U and UM Stamp. The ASME VIII Div.1 accreditation covers the design, fabrication, assembly, and inspection of pressure vessels. We also possess the NBIC “R” stamp which enables us to perform repairs and alterations to pressure vessels already bearing the ASME certification mark with the U or UM designator.

The ASME BPVC is recognised globally and is used to meet local governments safety rules and regulations. The U Stamp is a clear sign that the vessels comply with the ASME guidelines and ensures that the product and supplier are committed to public safety and product quality. At CPE we have held ASME accreditation since 2008 and have supplied ASME U stamped vessels and products for projects in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, the Middle East and many other locations.

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ASME Website

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We have recently received type approval for CU TR 032 Category 3 & 4 Vessels, this enables us to EAC mark Pressure Vessels for Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. The certificate goes alongside our category 1 and 2 type approvals meaning we are now able to manufacture and certify a wide range of vessels to CU TR 032 in-house, for more information or any enquiries please get in touch.

CU TR 032 Cat 3 and 4 Certificate

CU TR 032 Cat 1 and 2 Certificate

All Accreditations

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ASME U Stamp CU TR GOST Air Receiver
CU TR and U Stamped Air Receivers-912-litre-CPE-Pressure-Vessel (7)

Fun health and safety workplace induction video made by CPE Pressure Vessels in 2018. Staring the employee’s children and relatives, the video covers general health and safety information for visitors to our site in Tamworth, UK.